Get Involved

At SHARE: Flitwick and Ampthill we’re all about community involvement. Please come along to chat to us and find out what we’re up to – we’d love to hear your thoughts about what we’re doing and other items that we could stock that would be useful to you.

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Join us!

You are supporting your local Library of Things simply by becoming a member and borrowing items. Please feel free to browse our current inventory and/or become a member on the Browse Items page here


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We are very grateful for every single donation – big or small. They help us to keep helping the community.

Our lovely supporters have donated most of the items in our library. For example:

  • A lawnmower that was lurking in a garage
  • A tile cutter that was taking up space
  • A jigsaw jammed in a cupboard
  • Tools that were totally forgotten about
If you have something in good condition that you think could be used by other people then please get in touch to see if we can use it
Take a look at our current Wish List for items that we would love to add to our Library


We need various volunteers to help make SHARE: Flitwick and Ampthill a success for the community. If you might like to get involved then please get in touch with us. Some examples of volunteering opportunities are:

  • Checking items in and out of the library on the days that we’re open
  • PAT testing items and checking that they work correctly
  • Maintaining items
  • Website design/maintenance
  • Social media help 


What could you offer? We’d love to hear from you!