Welcome to SHARE: Flitwick and Ampthill - your local library of things

** Open every Saturday from 10-12 **

What is a Library of Things??

A library of things is just like a normal library but for ‘things’ – all sorts of things – rather than books.

Rather than buying new when you need something for a task, why not borrow it? Our library of things aims to stock a large range of handy items such as pressure washers, hedge cutters, sewing machines, camping equipment, gazebos, carpet cleaners, juicers…the list goes on. Borrowing rather than buying saves money, saves space and helps to save the planet.

Did you know that, on average, a power drill is used for a total of just 13 to 15 minutes throughout its lifetime? Let’s get these items working harder by borrowing rather than buying!

Borrowing cycle

Of course, you can also donate!

Most of our library items have been donated by members of our local community. If you have almost new or lightly used household, DIY, gardening or leisure items (the sorts of things that someone might want to borrow for a short period) in good condition that you would like to donate to SHARE: Flitwick and Ampthill then please get in touch. We’d also love to hear what you’d be interested in borrowing.

About Us

SHARE: Flitwick and Ampthill (Registered Charity: RCN 1198511) has been set up to help the community and the environment through the share, repair and re-use of products.

Sharing items – rather than us each having our own – means less of the planet’s resources are used and helps us to save money and space in our homes whilst saving the planet.

Join SHARE: Flitwick and Ampthill to be able to borrow any of our useful items for a small fee and help to support your local Library of Things.

Kindly supported by Flitwick Town Council, Ampthill Town Council, Inspiring Volunteering, a Ward Councillor grant and Flitwick Village Hall 

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